September: Audiobooks, ACX, and Working with Narrators

Speakers: author Diana Staresinic-Deane and audiobook narrators Felisha Caldeira and Diane Marty
Saturday, September 5
11:00 to noon
Corinth Branch of the Johnson County Library
8100 Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS 66208

Being a big-time audiobook consumer herself, author Diana Staresinic-Deane wanted to offer an audiobook version of her own book. Thanks to ACX, she was able to make her book available through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. However, she couldn’t have done it without a narrator holding her hand. ACX Narrators Felisha Caldeira and Diane Marty will talk about the process of creating an audiobook and working with authors to successfully turn writing on the page into the spoken word.

Diana Staresinic-Deane
Diana is a Kansan-gone-Californian-gone-Kansan. Fascinated by little Kansas towns and their histories, she’s happiest when she’s digging through old newspapers and exploring old cemeteries. She is the author of Shadow On the Hill: The True Story of a 1925 Kansas Murder, about the murder of Florence Knoblock, the most brutal killing in Coffey County, Kansas. She is currently researching an old murder case in Republic County, Kansas, and working on a novel set in Kansas. You can follow Diana’s Kansas adventures on her website, Diana Staresinic-Deane: Unearthing Stories on the Prairie.

Felisha Caldeira
Felisha is a professional actress who grew up on the coast of California and somehow found her way to the MidWest. She holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Westmont College and has been trained in classical vocals, musical theatre, vocal dialects and accents, and has experience with film. She aspires to serve God and live life to the fullest one story at a time. Her audiobook credits include Polishing Jade by Tekoa Manning, The Place of Voices by Lauren Lynch, Wedding the Widow by Jane B. Knight, Tokens From Juliet by Nicole Grane, and Redemption (The Restoration Series Book 1) by Christina Simpson.

Diane Marty
Originally intending to be a broadcast journalist, Diane has on- and off-camera poise and a script supervisor’s attention to continuity and detail. She has been praised by producers, directors and writers for her flexible talents (a “unique melodic voice” with “warmth and clarity” in roles ranging from Hallmark toys and characters to gritty adult dramatic roles) as well as her professionalism and typical Midwestern rapport (“great communicator,” “timely,” “very prompt,” “definitely one of our favorites”). In addition to her professional fundraising activities, she finds audiobook narration another wonderful way to contribute to education, early literacy and also to cultural and recreational enjoyment. Diane holds a B.A. from Grinnell College and a master of arts and liberal studies from Dartmouth College. Her audiobook credits include The Wedding Chapel (Caroline Andrews), Cassidy & the Rainy River Rescue (Author Keely Chace & Illustrator Nikki Dyson), Cassidy & the Shaky Sheep Showdown (Chace, Dyson). Currently in production: Chaperoning Paris (Victoria Pinder); Alexander Ranch (Marla Josephs); and Callie: The Women of Valley View, Book 1 (Sharon Srock).

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